Take a Virtual Birding Tour of Northern California with Us!

Coming Soon! Northern California (Coastal & Pelagic Birds)

Explore some popular Northern California birding destinations with our virtual birding tour (Cordell Bank with Shearwater Journeys, Palo Alto Baylands, and the coast of Monterey). Put your binoculars on the birds you find and you'll either see a close-up photo or video. See if you can correctly name the birds in these identification challenges. You get immediate feedback for each guess you submit and you earn points when you are correct. You can post your score with your real name, location, and comments for all to see. Compete with your birding friends with this life-like bird identification quiz.

Sample Screenshots from the Northern California Virtual Birding Tour
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Virtual Birding Tours 2.0 brings a totally redesigned user interface customized to work in modern browsers including Safari on the iPad and iPhone! We've also added:

  • Video identification challenges featuring SD video footage.
  • A navigation widget to help you find birds to identify.

Additonal Content For the Northern California Issue:

  • Pacific Pelagic Photo Gallery featuring the photography of Mike Danzenbaker.
  • Northen California Video Gallery featuring the videography of Don Crockett.
  • Brief ID article on identifying a photo with two dark Pacific shearwater species.
  • Some interviews with people associated with "The Big Year".
  • Links to resources on Northern California birds & birding, pelagic birds, and big years.
  • Media shelf with books & DVDs on Northern California birds & birding, pelagic birds, and big years.

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