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Question: What is a Birding Break(sm)?
Answer: A brief simulated birding trip to
a popular North American destination.

Birding Break(sm) Destinations
Click on a destination spot to take a break
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Map of Birding Break(sm) Destinations

Birding Break(sm) Destinations:
Machias Seal Island (Alcids) 17-Feb-2000
Mount Auburn Cemetery (Songbirds) 17-Feb-2000
Cape Cod (Shorebirds) 17-Feb-2000
Sachuset Point (Sea Ducks) 17-Feb-2000

Niagara River (Gulls) Coming Soon!
Hawk Mountain (Hawks) 17-Feb-2000
Cape May (Hawks) 17-Feb-2000
Chincoteague (Dabbing Ducks) 17-Feb-2000

Ding Darling (Waders) 17-Feb-2000
Rio Grande (Specialties) Coming Soon!
Coastal Texas (Songbirds) Coming Soon!

Churchill (Specialties) 17-Feb-2000
Illinois (Grassland Species) 17-Feb-2000

Southeast Arizona (Specialties) 6-Apr-2000
Northern California (Specialties) 10-Nov-2000

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