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Birding Break(sm)
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Birding Break(sm):
Sachuest Point NWR
Middleton, Rhode Island

Explore Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge in Middleton, Rhode Island, a great winter caostal birding destination.

Habitat Views: 10
Bird Sightings: 14
Tour Season: December-March

Click on the Button or the Map to start.

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Acknowledgements and Brief Directions are given below.


The Virtual Birder would like to thank Charlie Hebert and the rest of the staff at Ninigret and Sachuest Point NWR for their support and assistance.

Brief Directions

On this trip you can get points by correctly identifying the birds. If you're one of the top scorers you can post your name. You can also just explore and ask for the bird's names.

Once you start your trip:

To Navigate from place to place
Use the 'Street Signs' or click on the Map

To Zoom in on a bird
  1. Make sure the 'Binoculars' radio button above the photo is selected
  2. Click on the bird you want to zoom in on

To Guess a bird's name
  1. Select your guess from the pull-down menu above the photo
  2. Click on the bird in the photo to submit your guess

To Change the Display Size and Load Time
Click the 'Config' button or use the resize bar to the right of the views:
  • Click the bottom segment of the bar for the smallest display and the fastest load
  • Click the top segment of the bar for the largest display and the best photo quality

To Post Your Score
Click the 'Stop' button when you are done.

There is a 'Help' button if you need more instructions.

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