Machias Seal Island
Barna and John Norton

Altantic Puffins

Capt. Barna B. Norton, North Atlantic
Capt. John E. Norton, Alantic, Pacific and Bering Sea
RR 2, Box 990
Jonesport, ME 04649-9704
(207) 497-5933

The information for this set of pages was taken
from a pamphlet available from the above address.

We would like to take you to see the Puffins.

We are experienced.
We have taken more people to Machias Seal Island than anyone else.
Our boat is modern, very seaworthy and fast, too.

We have easy access to the boat in Jonesport, no ladders to climb.

For your convenience the boat has a heated cabin and toilet.

This is a guided tour at $60.00 per person.
Reservations are required.

We help you park upon arrival.

We usually leave Jonesport at 7 am because it is the best time to see the birds.

It usually breezes up in the afternoon, by then we are home - between 12 and 1 p.m.

Chief, The Norton's Boat
The 'Chief', a modern craft, manned by top professionals with many years of experience.
It costs us more, but for safety's sake, our boat is manned by more than one person.

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